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On this website you can find technical information thematically connected with range of our business. The information can be useful while browsing through products from our offer and asking offer questions.

What is a multi-spindle driller?

It is a driller with many simultaneously spinning blades that can cut multiple holes at the same time.

What is high speed steel (HSS)?

It is alloy steel used for creating cutting tools for working at high speed. They require retaining hardness and shape up to the temperature of +600°C. The features can be achieved by the use of additional alloy components - carbon 0,75-1,3% chrome 3,5-5,0%, tungsten 6-19%, vanadium 1,0-4,8%, molybdenum 3,0 do 10%, and in some types also cobalt 4,5-10,0%, and proper heating preparation. During the heating the alloy components are to mix with carbon creating so called carbides, which have to dissolve mostly in ferrite. It requires careful and long work.

What is tungsten carbide (TCT)?

It is a tool material created from carbides of such metals as wolfram, titanium, sometimes tantalum, niobium, zirconium, chrome by methods of powder metallurgy.

In our offer you will find

In our offer you will find drills for multi-spindle drillers and proper accessories for them, blades for planers and profile tips, replaceable TCT blades for cutters, abrasive materials, arrowheads (shafts) and pneumatic tools.

Separate section is dedicated to non-standard drills.

Drills for multi-spindle drillers

Accessories for multi-spindle drillers


Replaceable TCT blades

Plates for metal treatment

Professional tools for screwing

Abrasive materials

Pneumatic tools

Non-standard drills

Abrasive rolls

Wood cutters

ER OZ collets

Non-standard drills

Drills are customized basing on a customer’s needs

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